When is The Right Time to Move on from a Breakup? A Week, A Month or A Year?

When you are breaking up with someone then it is the worst feeling ever. The person, who once used to be an integral part of your life, is no longer there. But, as it is said that the show must go on and the same goes with life as well. With the coming and leaving of a person from our life, for time being things can get affected, but not all the time, hence one should always be ready for the changes and challenges too. There is one question which is always in the consideration of people who just broke up or after a breakup are hanging up with someone, and that question is that, when is the right time to move on from a breakup to a new relationship.

If considering the logics and the literature of thoughts then it is considered that a person takes half the time to get over from a relationship of the total time he spent in the same. This means that in case you had a relationship of three years then it is going to take one and a half year for you to completely come out of the same. If this is the question and concern of yours as well why you came here then we have few very interesting points for you to analyze the situation.

Analyze Self:

3It is you and only you who can decide whether you are ready for the new relationship or not. well, after a breakup everyone feels to have someone to hang up with to vanish the memories of the past but this is not the rigid solution because mere running behind someone to wipe the tears of past can make you cry even louder in the future. so, self analyzation of the things is necessary first before a jumpstart of the new relationship.

What Went Wrong:

5Why the past relationship ended? Without knowing the answer to this, you cannot have another happy relation in the future. Come to the conclusions that made you to breakup in the past and work on the mistakes too then only you can be well prepared for the next challenge of life.

Are You Ready:

11The third and the most important consideration is that you have to analyze by self that, whether you are actually ready for this next phase of life or not. Are you able to handle the situation that would come in front of you or you are taking the decision in hurry? Taking proper time to think and analyze would help you to come to a conclusion whether you want the new relationship or not.

A new relationship really doesn’t means that every memory of the past will vanish from your life. Every mistake is a lesson and considering this, first you have to analyze the mistakes of the past then only you can move towards a happy future to a new relation of course. When you feel you are ready then only move to a new relationship and not on the basis of the time passed after breakup.