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Super foods for Surviving in Chilled Winters

The temperature has reached to its minimum point. The cold breeze is freezing almost everything, to survive and to pass the weather safely is really a big challenge. But of course it is not impossible to make up in this weather. Below is the list of some foods that will surprisingly help you and your body to get warmth in the chilled temperature.

Whole Grains – whole grains though can be consumed anytime in year, but winter is the perfect season for it. Consumption of whole grains provides inner warmth to the body, which in turn helps in survival in winters. Barley, Raagi, Maize, Corn, oats are the best survival whole grains in winters.

Ginger – ginger is the best food for the survival in chilled weather. It not only provides aroma and taste to our food but also woks as a perfect body insulator. The best part about ginger is you can add it in food, drink, honey or can simply have it solo.

Cinnamon – it is one of the key ingredients of Indian spices. Indian foods are accompanied best with cinnamon. You can have it stick or can also use it in powder form. Cinnamon contains the minerals that increase body’s metabolism and generate heat.

Pepper and Paprika – paprika contains a compound called capsaicin. This helps in giving spicy and hot taste to our tongue. Pepper increases the body metabolism. Not only this it also help in burning the extra fat of the body, hence will help you in maintaining your shape in winters.

Nuts and Dry Fruits – nuts and dry fruits are meant specially for winters. They fill the energy reservoir of the body. They release instant energy to the body. Not only this much many dry fruits such as walnuts and almonds releases energy slowly and hence work as energy reservoirs for the body.

Apple – apple is a fibrous fruit. It contains soluble and non soluble fibers. Apple helps in quick digestion of the tummy food. It also helps the food to pass through the stomach smoothly. It conatin86% water, which helps in keeping the body hydrated.

Sweet Potato– sweet potato is a reservoir of Vitamin A. Additional to this they also have the content of Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium and Iron. The multiple contents of the sweet fruit help the body to fight from many diseases. Consumption of Sweet potato in the roasted or boiled form gives instant heat and warmth to the body.

Due to their multiple surprising contents, these super foods help us in maintaining good health in the chilled season. Due to their surprising contents, they help the body in fighting metabolism and surviving cold.