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What Makes Man Flirt on a Woman

Men are flirtier than women. A recent research has disclosed this fact. Constantly starring, trying to talk, being gentlemen these all are the things that makes one understand that the guy is flirting upon. Well some says it is their nature and so take it as a let it go factor, but we have few very strong reasons to justify this attitude. With our brief research on the topic we came to know the few very important things that make a man to flirt.

Due to Their Nature

Men are flirty by nature. They are slipped by the beauty of a woman. Being in their blood and their hormones they are tempted by the woman beauty. This makes them to show those extra jaws to the pretty ladies. And they tend to shorten the distance between the two. Sometimes they go out of their track in order to do so.

Not Satisfied in a Relationship

If a man is not satisfied in a relationship then he could hunt for other good option. He could try an eye on other pretty ladies in and around him. This makes a man flirt on other ladies. As he wants to try to all the good options available to them.

Upset in Marital Life

If a man is not happy in his married life due to any reason, then it also tends him to have a starry eye on the pretty ladies around him. This is one of the largest reasons why men flirt. Charm in a married life is lost after few years and this makes a man hunt for charm somewhere outside his relationship. These types of man are indulged in extra marital affairs too.

Surrounded By Pretty Ladies

If due to the profession of a man is surrounded by pretty ladies it makes him slightly flirty by nature. The environment where man has many pretty faces to stare upon he becomes little flirty. But these types of man are smart enough to differentiate between flirt and lust, and hence they come out clear when it comes to flirting nature.

Has Got Good Looks

In case a man is handsome enough, then he would take the best of it. A good and dashing look enables a man to flirt on girls and girls and women too are attracted by it. So in case a man has got looks then flirting comes automatically in his hormones.