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Valentine Week List with Meaning for Every Lovebird

It’s February out there and love is in the air. When it’s the discussion about February then definitely the first thought is Love Week. Valentine’s Day the most awaited moment for the lovebirds falls in this month. All over the world the significant day of love is enjoyed with full fervor. But, the love season does not end only in one single day; there is complete week celebration to mark the most awaited love moment of the year. Valentine’s Day celebration though came from the east, but today not even a single part of the world is untouched with this pure celebration of love and affection. The love day is celebrated with a complete love season that lasts for seven long days. There are seven days of celebrations with seven beautiful hues followed by eighth and final day which is Valentine’s Day that makes Valentine’s Day the cutest event of the year and spread the rainbow of love all around. So, if you are excited about the Valentine Day celebration then here we are going to tell you what that all days before the final day of Valentine’s means. The week list of Valentine is as follows.

7 February (Rose Day):

rosedayWith a beautiful rose for your rose, the perfect Valentine’s Day starts. Rose Day is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm among youngsters who even try to propose their love by giving rose. A beautiful presentation of rose for your love will speak your feelings loud. It is also a great way to stretch the hands of friendship with a yellow rose.

8 February (Propose Day):

propose dayThe day after rose day is propose day. It is the second day of the Valentine week. It is the day when you get the chance to propose your love, so a perfect moment for you to approach your crush may be he or she will say yes. So get ready with a new surprise to present to your love on this Propose day.

9 February (Chocolate Day):

chocolate dayIt is the sweet delicacy of chocolate that spreads love in life. This chocolate can be used to sweeten your relationship too and that too on a day dedicated for it as well. The third day of Valentine’s week is chocolate day when one gives chocolate to his or her love.

10 February (Teddy Day):

happy-teddyday2One another great day of Valentine Week is Teddy Day. Cute and adorable teddies are exchanged in between love birds for expressing their feeling. We all know that girls are very much fond of teddy bears and teddies are one of the cutest gifts to be given to your beloved person.

11 February (Promise Day):

happy-promise-dayIt’s time to make a promise because fifth day of Valentine’s week is promise day. Promise plays a vital role in a relationship and fulfilling the promise is the second most important thing for a healthy relationship. Love comes in with a long list of responsibilities, promises, commitments and lot more to add on. Making a promise to the beloved is a trend and requirement of this day. Lovers unhesitant make a promise to nourish their relation of love and care.

12 February (Hug Day):

hug-dayA grand day of the special Valentine’s week is Hug Day. The warmth of love passes from one heart to another with a hug and this is the only aim of this celebration. It is the youngsters that enjoy the day to the fullest. This day grants one and all a precious chance to express a never ending love towards their love with a warm and tight hug.

13 February (Kiss Day):

kiss-dayThe most beautiful day of this weeklong celebration is the seventh and the brightest day which is Kiss Day. It is said that kissing is the expression that lets one enter to other’s heart, and this signifies Kiss Day too. On this day lovers get a golden opportunity to express their love by giving a passionate kiss to their valentine. Especially Kiss on forehead is a sign of caring and being responsible.

14 February (Valentine’s Day):

happy-vanlentibe-day2The final and most awaited day for the lovebirds is Valentine’s Day that falls on 14th of February. After so much excitement and celebration of different days the final moment is Valentine when one expresses his feeling deep from heart.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait until it’s too late!!!If you are having crush on someone then here is the final moment for you to express it all in the most beautiful manner. Just try expressing your feeling with all these special days of celebration, may be next year you will have your Valentine sitting beside you.