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Healthy and Quick Indian Breakfast

If you are residing away from your home and managing your food by your own, then you must be skipping the healthy home breakfast for sure. In a busy routine a large section of the working class avoids breakfast. Breakfast is the super food for the whole day, our full day routine and energy is dependent on the breakfast. We have breakfast after a long brake between dinner and morning meal, the long fast of that time is broken this is why it is termed as Break + Fast.

For a healthy body and fresh mind you should not avoid breakfast at all. It may take few minutes for you to have this morning meal but will really helpful for you in coping with the whole day stress. Below is the list of healthy and quick Indian breakfast, especially for those who can spare only few minutes for their morning meal.

Poha or Flattered Rice – this form of rice is used in almost all the part of the country, of course with different names, but the health benefits for all is the same. You can add veggies like peas, potatoes and tomatoes to make it healthier. It is a quick and healthy Indian breakfast.

Daliya or Porridge – one of the quickest Indian breakfast is daliya. The grounded wheat is best served with warm milk. It is not only health but is a rich source of instant energy as well. Having a bowl of daliya in your breakfast will really make your energetic throughout the day.

Idly – though it is a native of south India but is appraised by Indian all over. It is one of the easiest and healthiest breakfast options. Made with grounded rice, it releases lots of energy which keeps us changed and energized for the whole day.

Upma – made with healthy grain suji, upma is a healthy breakfast remedy. You can add on veggies in it to make it rich in vitamins and minerals. It is easy to digest and releases instant energy as well.

Utpam – Suji Flattered parantha loaded with lots of veggies is a very quick and easy Indian breakfast. It is a convenient and healthy breakfast as well, which you can make in a short span of time.

Sabutdana Khichri – if you are looking for a healthy and light breakfast for you then sago or sabutdana khichri is one of the best options for you. Rich in carbohydrate and low in fat sago really makes a healthy option to start your day.

Veg Sandwich – brown breads loaded with veggies and potato cutlet is the best and quick option for a healthy breakfast. Adding vegetables like cucumber, tomato, lettuce and onions really makes it a healthy breakfast supplement.

So these are the few very common quick and easy Indian breakfast. It will take few minutes for you to make these healthy food supplements. You can cope up with these healthy breakfasts, while dressing up for your office. So next morning, don’t be lazy, just go for these quick Indian breakfasts and feel energetic throughout the day.