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How to be in the Good Books of Your Partner

Relationship is a beautiful pearl string, which has a perfect attraction but needs utter care. It is something which you seriously can’t take for granted. It is needed on the part of both the partners to make this string beautiful always. It is a two way traffic, which needs attention and care. Having a healthy relationship is the dream of everyone. All want to live a life full of love and pleasure with their partners.

It has been found that despite best efforts from the side of both the partners, the relationship does not work smoothly. Something is really missing, that is preventing you for being in the good books of your partner. If you really want to rejoice your relationship just follow these simple and hard core rules.

Express Love – a long term relationship may make you feel like it is all understood, but it is not like this at all. Expressing your feelings may not be that much important for you but your partner really wants to hear that magical words by you again and again. Don’t hesitate in repeatedly saying  how much I LOVE YOU.

Intimacy – the time Adam an Eve ate the magical apple they came to know that intimacy is the only thing that binds a relationship. Lack of intimacy is one of the major reasons for extra marital affairs and separations. Research too says the same thing that a sexually satisfied partners a long love life.

Truth – ya it may be difficult for you at a part to encounter reality, but will leave a good sign forever. Be true to your partner, this will bind you always with him or her. And will definitely add you in his or her good books.

Relations – Indian society says to win the heart of a man you must win his mother’s heart. The more you hold your partner’s relationship, the more happy you would be. Ignore small things and stand always by your partner’s side whenever he needs you in his family matters.

Flexibility – your flexibility and compromising nature would help you in the long run of your relationship. Many a times you have to compromise with the situation, you should do it happily. But yes make sure it is for a good cause. Compromise doesn’t means resisting someone’s domination.

Maintain Yourself – the time you loose your charm, your partner may loose interest on you. It’s a very important task for you to maintain your outer beauty as well. Pamper yourself so that your partner will pamper you. Frequent change on your looks and appearance will surely please your partner.

The above mentioned rules will defiantly help you for being in the good books of your partner. Be active on your relationship in outer world and on bed as well. Don’t loose your charm and intimacy for your partner. Be optimistic and handle every situation calmly and with mutual conclusions and discussions.