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Why Dahi Handi is Celebrated

The various beautiful celebrations in India describes about its customs and traditions. This land of fairs and festivals is recognized amongst the masses through the various beautiful customs that are followed during festival celebration. Janmashtami which is the celebration of birth of Krishna the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu is one of the greatest moments of rejoicing with friends and family. Krishna is the god of love and romance hence birthday significantly carries the same meaning. But other than this, there is one other face of Krishna and it is the childish and notorious one. In his childhood he used to be very notorious. He was very much fond of buttermilk that he somehow manages to steal it from his house and from neighbor’s house. For this reason he is also affectionately known as Makhan Chor which means the stealer of butter.

dahi handiIn the central part of India like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh the birth of Krishna is celebrated as Dahi Handi. Dahi is buttermilk and handi is earthen pot. The celebration of Dahi Handi goes like this that a human pyramid is made to break the earthen pot filled with buttermilk kept at a height. The topmost person breaks the pot and spreads the buttermilk. Those who make human pyramid are called as Govindas. Dahi Handi is an interesting completion which is specially held during the Krishna Janmashtami festival to recall the childhood activities of Lord Krishna.

dahi handi 2There are different ways of celebrating Krishna Janmotsav and Dahi Handi is the most interesting way of remembering the lord of love, romance and naughtiness. The celebration is to project the childhood of Krishna when he uses to dramatically steal buttermilk from his home. He was many times caught red handed by his mom Yashoda, but at the end of the day he succeeds in convincing his mom that I have not eaten the buttermilk in adorable manner saying, “Maiya Mori Mai Nahi Makhan Khayo”. So, Dahi Handi celebration is the replay of one of the cutest activities of Krishna in his childhood days, which is performed with passionate youngsters by making human pyramid and breaking the buttermilk placed at a height. Following the beautiful rituals of Krishna’s activity Dahi Handi is celebrated with acute passion in India. Due to the popularity gained by this competition, it is now held in various other parts of the country as well. Attractive prizes are offered to the Govindas breaking the pot of butter hence a great joy is spread everywhere.

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