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How Women Deal with Breakups

Being in a relationship gives us a truly fantastic feeling. It really feels great when there is someone special in our life to take care of each and every need. Feelings of a relationship are carried from both sides. Both girl and boy are responsible to take the relation a long way. But, things are always not the same as we think it to be. Relationship is tied with a very thin string that can get damaged any time, and this loss is not compensable as well. Likely or unlikely approximately seventy percent of relations terminates at breakups. Breaking up with the person with whom you have planned so many things is actually a difficult task. But you would be amazed to know that dealing with the situation is not the same from both sides. Yes, there are different reactions of breakup from a boy and girl’s side.

Breakup4Like boys are casual about relationship, they deal with breakup in the same manner. When their partner is moving apart they actually don’t show their feelings. Of course bursting in tears is not their piece of cake, but they have their own way to tackle breakup. Parties with friends are one of the prominent things that a boy does to get over from the breakup jerk. But situation with girls is not the same. Opposite to boys, they show their feelings, their broken hearts to everyone. At the starting it is really very painful for a girl to forget relationship, but once she is done, she is done. Breakup is the toughest thing for a girl but her strength of dealing with the same is truly awesome. If you are also eager to know, that how girls deal with breakups then we are telling you it in three simple phases of breakups and you will understand it all.

Phase I – The Hard Time

Phase 1It is said that the wound is more painful when it is fresh, and the same is with breakups. It is actually like sliding a mountain in the starting two to three weeks of breakup for a girl to forget about the things. She will cry like hell or will spend her time in solitude. The situation is so worse that she can also think to end up her life. She will cut herself from her social circle, and the chances are high that she will contact her ex as well. The first phase of breakup is the hard time because it is a moment when under mental trauma she can decide to go back in the relationship again.

Phase II – The Recovery Time

Phase2As the time passes, things tend to come to stability. As per research conducted on relationships, it is believed that four week time is just an adequate period to change your schedule. If you will do things in the same manner for 21 days, then it will become a habit, and if you are living apart from a person for the last three weeks then you can be habitual of living without him as well. The phase two that starts from the third week is hence considered to be the recovery time after breakup. This time makes a girl strong and stable to take a tough decision of life.

Phase III – The Move-On Time

Phase3This is the final conclusion time when the decision is already made. Now she is strong enough and has transformed herself to ‘Sabla’ from ‘Abla’. She will party hard, she will step out, and she will feel her independence. At this point of time she will also realize that the above two phases were the complete wastage of time and her decision was actually wise. Life is good if you are alone, and with this concept she will relive the moment of solitude but with a mental satisfaction.  And with this the breakup phase for a girl will terminate at happy ending, but for girls only.

FinalAs discussed the three different phases of breakups that makes a girl to fall, rise and move one, but things are not the same with boys. For a man situation after breakup is just reverse. He will enjoy it at the beginning, but at the end will regret for what he has lost in his life. But, for once and all it is the girls who hold the relationship hard and once she is done, she is done.