Physical Intimacy: A Privileged Factor In a Happy Married Life

Marriage is the beautiful bond ever. Someone has quoted it correct that “A happy Marriage is the union of two good forgivers”. Tying a knot with a stranger and then remaining together throughout life is the biggest deal. Love and faith are the two factors that make one to hold tight relationship. But in case there is an absence of any of these factors then the relation goes through the worst phase. One of the most important factors of a happy married life is physical intimacy. Couples with satisfactory sexual life are believed to stay long together in a relationship. In present scenario more and more divorce cases are been registered everyday, and the most frequent reason that emerged is a weak sexual life. Physical intimacy in a relationship is as much needed as love. Sex in a married life is not limited in giving birth to your kids but it is strong glue that holds two strangers together. If you really wish for a happy married life then don’t ignore this privileged factor.

Break the Ice

communicationIt’s not always about who initiates. Lack of intimation in a relationship weakens the bond and this develops attraction towards someone else. it is not always necessary that your partner will initiate, you too can please your partner on bedroom and surprise the love of your life. Believe it; breaking the ice will really give refreshment to your relationship.

Discuss Desperation

intimacyYou desperately desire something from your partner and your partner is unaware about it, then your desperation is useless. Sometimes you have to speak out to tell your desires and especially if its about physical intimacy. Discuss your physical desires with your partner. Know about the views and then conclude in a positive result. This is really going to help you in your love life.

Acknowledge Problems

problem2One mistake that many married couple commit is not acknowledging the problems of their counterpart. Yes if your partner is going through some problem or is not comfortable then it’s your foremost responsibility that you should acknowledge the problem and stay by the side of your partner. Then only you can move ahead in your happy relationship.

Get in Touch

relationshipSex is not only oral discussion it is a beautiful act. Therefore other then knowing your partners desire while discussion understand the desires at bed as well. Get connected and devoted for your partner during the moment of pleasure. Be active participant and don’t leave the task to your partner only. This way both of you will be bonded tight and can enjoy your relationship. So get in touch to be together always.

Break the Chain

Lovely couple hugging on their bed at home

It has been found that many couples who are in a strong intimate relationship are not satisfied with their partner. Change is a nature of life and in a sexual life too, change is the requirement. Make your sexual intercourse a fun and not a formality. Go for outings to spend quality time with your partner. Let your intimacy be more fun and pleasure and break the chain of old routine. This is really going to work for your happy married life for sure.