Is Marriage a Big Change for Men Too?

Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jano Ramesh babu…..definitely this Bollywood dialogue reminds everyone the significance of marriage for a lady, her responsibilities her tasks and her duties….But, wait…is the situation the same with men too. We all live in a society where a girl is supposed to leave her parent’s house and make her new house in her in-law’s place. She is answerable to all the things that happen in her life. She cannot even make an independent decision of hers. And it is all because she tied her knot of life with someone else.  But is that someone else answerable in the same manner as she is. Yes, have you ever wondered why men don’t apply sindoor or wear mangalsutra, and why they are all the same before and after marriage? Is marriage a big change for men too?

Well, this is such a discussion which has been going for years, and for sure it will take years to come to a final conclusion for this. We will today try to resolve the issues in four important instances of a man’s life that will somehow come to the conclusion of this issue.

married lifeFamily vs. Wife: This is the biggest change in a man’s life after marriage. He is always surrounded between the two his wife and his family. At certain point of time he has to choose one and this becomes the toughest decisions for him. Before marriage when he was not answerable to anyone he was free to take the decisions of his life but after marriage he has to take the consideration of both before moving forward in any conclusion.

married manFriends and Social Circle: Marriage changes a man and definitely there is no doubt in this statement. If he is a freaky traveler, then after marriage he cannot be the same. He cannot devote much time to his friends and this all is because he has his responsibilities tilted to someone else. So, in short he has to give up his social attentiveness to a great extent.

married indian man

Eating Habits: The only thing that bachelors hate in their life is good food. Until and unless they are good cooks they will have a haphazard eating style. This is indeed liked by many. But after marriage there is a proper routine of meals. And sometimes one has to compromise on eating habits also.

marriageDressing: Now, this is a thing a man never wants to change. But, again he has to bring a lot more changes in his dressing after marriage. For example the torn jeans and tight tees will not be his first pick from wardrobe after marriage which earlier used to be his favorites. And this is because he is supposed to walk with her lady and hence is supposed to wear decent attires.

So, these are the four very common yet the strongest points to justify that whether marriage brings changes in a man’s life or not. Few changes are small whereas few are bigger changes of life a man needs to make in his life after marriage. Therefore considering that only women’s life changes after marriage will completely be wrong in this concern because men too faces changes in their lifestyle after marriage.

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