Is Breakup a High Time to Start a New Relationship?

‘Breakup’, it is a word that no one ever wants to utter in a relationship. But destiny is not in our hands. When a relation starts it begins in a positive note and there is a planning to take it a long way. But sometimes, incidentally or accidentally it faces breakups. It is a kind of mental trauma for those who are seriously indulged in a relationship.breakup2

Breakup is a brake to all you do in a relationship. A brake to the ‘long phone calls’, a brake to ‘hour long chatting’, a brake to ‘fascinating dates’ and a brake to everything one use to enjoy in a relationship. And more often a heart break. You are no longer with the person with whom you have promised a happy life after. All dreams and planning seems to wipe away with the trauma of breakup. In this time, whoever consoles us and tries to take us out of the trauma seems to be the best buddy. Sometime that angel seems everything to us and we tend to have a soft corner for him and her.

breakup1Fortunately or unfortunately second relationship starts soon after the first breakup in 60 percent of cases. Is breakup a high time to start a new relationship? Well of course not. Because you are already in a trauma and not ready to make out what’s good for you and what’s not. And especially you have a bitter experience of the past. Therefore before you give it a fresh start, you have to analyze so many things about the past relationship. We are telling you why a new relation just after a breakup is not a good start.

Give it a break – if it’s a breakup, this means you need a brake from being in a relationship. So it’s better to spend some time in solitude. Give time to yourself for personal grooming and enjoying life. You will definitely feel good.

Analyze Past Mistakes – what was the reason that your past relationship came to an end. It is really needed to find out the entire if’s and but’s of breakup. If you will jump into another relationship, you will surely not get a time to analyze your past.

Is There a Need – you could get offers for a new relationship, soon after your breakup. You have to think for it as many times as you can, that is there really a need for this new relationship. Do you really need someone to get hold of your hands? These all answers will make it clear to you whether you need to move on or again get trapped in a relationship.

Is the Past Really Over – sometimes breakup could not be a breakup, it could be a ‘relationship break’ as well. Hence you make it clear whether everything is over or still there is a hope in the past relationship. Don’t make it a blunder by regretting for the decision when you really want to look back.

Sympathy or Love – when you are in a broken relationship, people will come and go with so many sympathies. If the building of your new relationship is one the foundation of sympathy for the past, then you are committing a big mistake. In emotions, we always take wrong decisions. So give time to think and analyze everything for the new and for the past too.

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