If You Really Wish to Save Your Marriage

‘Long lasting marriage’ is an oxymoron now days. Taking in consideration the rising cases of divorces this fact has been revealed. There are many thoughts for this; many people think that the financial independency of both the partners has led to this, whereas some blame the changing lifestyle for this. But collectively both of these factors are not the main choices why people are opting out from the marriage relationship. A clash in thoughts is certainly the reason or you can say the big reason for the splitting. If you too are suffering form this worst phase of your relationship and wish to retain your marriage then here are few very important things that could help you take the way.

Don’t Dig The Past

bad-loveMany times pasts are painful. You could have several bad memories or experiences in your relationship. It may be possible that either you or your partner has cheated on you. But if you really wish to give a second chance to your relationship then its better to forget the past. As the more you will remember it more will be your sufferings. So in spite of digging the past set a new foundation for a beautiful life ahead. Believe it, it will really give a good feeling to you and also let your relationship breathe.

The Big C of Communication

couples-comRather to keep things in mind and playing with self made thoughts its better to speak out. If you have any problem with your partner then frankly tell. Don’t hide thoughts in yourself to make it a big wound. Take a dive in the big C of communication and try to sort out the problem. The more you communicate, the more easily you can unfold the mystery. So speak up and let your thoughts flow from your mind to the ears of your better half.

Give Respect to Get Respect

in lawsAccepting in laws as your own parent could be quite difficult for you. But don’t forget it is your first and the most important responsibility to start your relationship. In India marriage is considered to be a knot between two families. Therefore to hold tight the relationship it is very much important to hold the relationship. If you wish your spouse to respect your parents, you too need to do the same. Because it is the simple rule of relationship ‘give respect to get respect’.

No Financial Suspense

finacialMoney is considered as a big reason for arguments between the two. If you are financially independent and hiding your expenses from your better half then it could be a big blunder in your relationship. Be transparent with regards to your expenses and expenditures to be transparent in relationship. Plan savings for future and unfold all the mysteries of money. Once you are financially transparent, you will feel a great relief from within and don’t need to hide anything from your partner.

Don’t Let the Intimacy Die

intimacySex is the requirement for a happy and long married life there is no second thought in this. If you want to make your relationship stay longer and healthy then don’t let the intimacy die in your relationship. Pleasing your better half on bed will strengthen the bond of relationship between you two. Go for outings, dates or holidays. Increasing the number of honeymoons in your married life will really work for it.