How to Know if You Were Friend-Zoned

FRIENDZONED!!! Well, this is one amongst the most common words that we got to hear nowadays. Relationship in the present time is becoming too complicated. The lack of commitment and trust is what making people to drool over many relations at a time. People now see opportunity in relations and this is a reason why the term like Friendzone is becoming too popular now. I am pretty much sure that most of you must have heard this word and those who have not, they will for sure. Do you remember that dialogue from the movie Half Girlfriend ,”Friend se zyada, girlfriend se kam”, what does it mean actually? Literal translation to this is that,’ more than friend and less than girlfriend’. Well, there is no such concept actually. She can either be your girlfriend or not, there is no such concept of half-girlfriend and if you are considering her words right then congratulations, you are FRIENDZONED.

People do say this, that reading a woman’s mind is the most complicated task and indeed it is. She will hang out with you, she will spend time with you, she will go out for dinner for you but she would not accept her as your girlfriend and your friend’s will remind you of the term friendzone. This can be disheartening and heartbreaking at the end, therefore it is required that the person should be clear about the string of relations in the beginning only so that, the term friendzone should not come in between. Here we are telling you few very interesting things that will help you a lot from getting friendzoned. These are the signs that would tell you if she is ready for you and would surely help you out in figuring the things properly about relations.

She Talks to You Only When She Needs You: You are remembered only at the time when she needs you else, you don’t actually hold a position in her life. She talks to you only when she needs and when you would need her she will give you odd explanations. So, ti be at the safer side kindly note it all.

She Ignores You in Front of Her Friends: When she is with her friends she ignores you and when she is alone she needs you. If this is the attitude that she is carrying with you as well then this is the time to look into the matter at a serious note and concern too.

She Treats You Very Badly: When she needs you she treats you very nicely but as soon as her requirements are fulfilled she starts treating you very badly. If this is happening for one or two times then it is okay but if this has become her everyday behavior because you are now deviating yourself to a danger zone.

She Behaves Weired: Her behavior towards you is sometimes weired. Means, you actually don’t know why she is behaving like this to you. She is open and comfortable at a time and on another moment she is becoming conservative. She seeks your attention and when you give her she blames you to be possessive.

These are only few of the explanations. It may not be true all the time but yes, to some extend these things are correct as well. Don’t always follow you heart but watch your steps as well. Don’t get friendzoned because by the end you will realize that something wrong happened you would not be a condition to pacify yourself.