How to Impress the Boy of Your Dreams

Who doesn’t want a love in his or her life? Having a competent partner with whom you can share the golden moments of your life is every ones desire. In case you have crush with a handsome boy and want to convert it to a beautiful relationship with him then you have to shower the love towards him. There are golden tips to impress the prince of your dreams. Following these rules will for sure help you to attain a position in the heart of boy of your dreams.

Make the First Move

Now here, you can’t say ladies first. If you love a boy or have a deep crush on him then instead of waiting him to propose you, it’s better for you to initiate. In such type of situations making the first move is really important. Don’t wait and let others eat the cake on your platter. So say whatever you feel and let the other sex react on your feelings.

Be Perfect In What You Wear

Confidence comes from your attires and the way you carry yourself. So in case you want to leave a good impression on your love then dress up confidently. Doesn’t matters what you wear, but how you carry yourself it matters. If you think that ethnic attires are well for dating and you are not aware how to carry it, then it is completely a waste. So be perfect what you wear whether western or traditional.

Stay Positive and Smile

In case you are meeting the boy of your love, then make sure to maintain a positive decorum during the meet. Stay very positive during talks and smile. But don’t make it over by over smiling without reason. Don’t leave the sophistication behind. Be optimistic for the relation and for the person too. In case he denies for the relation respect his decision.

Maintain the ‘She’ Factor

She factor is what girls are blessed with. Don’t let the sophistication die in you. Boys are much impressed by it. You don’t need to utter a single word; your sophistication will tell it all. So be like a girl. If you like being tomboy, then leave this attitude in case you are seriously indulged with someone.

Make Him Feel Important

Every one wants to feel important, whether a girl or a boy. If you really want to impress a boy then making him feel important for you is needed. Make him realize what importance he plays in your life, by doing so you will feel that he is diverted towards you and the relationship too. So don’t let a single moment go without apprising him for his looks, love and importance in your life.

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