Arranged Marriage No More Arranged

In a country like India, where marriages are more then relationship between two strangers it is a bond between two families. In India it is believed that if you are marrying a guy you are marrying with the whole family. Relationship is not limited between the spouses but families too are involved in all. This is a big reason why there is less dependency on choosing partners in India. Here parents choose and decide partners for their children and this system is referred as arranged marriage. A marriage which is being decided by parents or elders is called arranged marriage and is one of the most common types of marriage form in India. If you too are tying your marriage knot with the bride or groom of your parents choice then we have few very wonderful tips that would make your arranged marriage the finest arrangement ever.

Accept Whole Heartedly

Hindu-Wedding-Photo-1aMarriage is not a short term bond, it’s a lifetime relation. Therefore if you are tying a knot with a stranger you have to accept the truth and give a whole hearted acceptance to your partner. Though it’s been fixed by your parents but it is for you and you have to admit the truth. What you think is what is depicted in your personality and hence you are supposed to be positive for your relation then only you can lay a strong foundation for your would-be.


marriageThe more you communicate the more you will know each other. Both of you are going to spend a big life together therefore give it a good start. Know about your partner the more you can, so that you may not find any difficulty in adjusting in your new life. Communication is always a good way out for a health relation. And for your happy married life it is required that you should share feelings together.

Discuss and Swap Pre Marital Jitters

cold-feet-brideNervousness is always there whenever you give a start to anything and this jitter is much common when you are giving a start to your relationship. Try to maintain a comfort level with your would be partner. Be fiends first then be partners. For a healthy relationship freedom of expression is always required. Try to maintain a comfort level with your partner so that both of you can share each other feelings.

Be Acquainted with Each Other likings

marriage 2

Before you give it a start it is required that both of you know each other well. And for this start from the likings and disliking of your partner. Know what is really being liked by your partner so that you may please him or her with the same. Plan for future, honeymoon destinations with the concern of each other. This will help you to break the bars of hesitation and you can actually give a good start to your relationship.