Almond – The Shell of Nutrition

It is important to know that the small shell of almonds carry a big bunch of nutrition. This small nut is not only beneficial for heart and brain but also helps in fighting many diseases. 4-5 shells of pre soaked almond in every morning will not only strengthen the immune system, but will also help in good brain functioning. Almonds are good source of Carbohydrate, Fats and Proteins.

Almond is found and used in almost every part of the world. Depending upon the regions its uses varies, but the value remains the same. Almonds are also termed as the most nutritious dry fruit. The best almond in the world is found in California and in India. Indian almonds are the native of South East Asia. It is a matter of pride for India that the Indian almonds are adopted and grown in many part of the world, reason being its high nutritious values. Countries like Australia, Polynesia, Madagascar, West Africa, Pakistan, South America, Central America, and even parts of the Caribbean adapt Indian origin almonds. In India it is grown mainly in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal and some parts of warmer north Indian regions also.

This nutty shell is inbound with many calorific as well as nutritious values. Almonds help in fighting many diseases; having almonds five times a week reduces the chances of heart strokes, not only this including almonds in meal helps in fighting with bad cholesterol. It is also found in research that almonds help in protecting artery veins from damages. The belief that almonds helps in building strong bones and teeth is adopted all over.

Many researches on almond states that these nutty shells not only help in good brain functioning but they also helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system. If consumed in suggested amount almonds can reduce the rise in blood sugar levels, not only this good consumption of almonds can also help in reducing weight and gaining good fats.

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