7 Things That Will Tell Your Guy is Serious for Relationship

Love is a great feeling that unites two hearts and makes it one soul. The essence of love blossoms one life and makes the person to flaunt in the seventh sky of imagination. Every time in every thought there is a perception of the person who has made life beautiful by becoming an inevitable part of it. Love sees no age, no status nothing, but it is a feeling that travels from one heart and goes to other. It is a very popular fact about relationship that guys don’t fall in love easily and if they are they will take it to a long way. Yes, they can be flirty at many points of time but if they are serious about their love bonding they really mean that. Girls have a crystal clear heart and they are flawless in their expression of love as well, but this is not the same with boys. It is really very tough to know about the sea of thoughts in a guy’s life. If you are also in a roller-coaster of your relationship and want to know whether your guy is serious for the relationship or not, then following are the seven facts that will help you judge the right thing because Love is not how much you say I Love You, but how much you prove it’s true. 

1) Admits Relationship in Public

relationship in publicIt’s really a fascinating task for a girl to disclose her relationship in public, but the thing is just opposite in case of boys. If your guy unhesitant changes his status in his social networking from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ and also adds your name in that, then you can sit aback and relax as there is noting suspicious in your relationship.

2) Tells His Family about You

boyfriend familyThe biggest matter of concern for a girl is whether the guy is going to tell his family about you or not. If your boyfriend introduces you with his family and discusses your future with them then it is definitely a green signal for your relationship. It is really a great milestone in your relationship.

3) Always Steals Time to Meet You

meeting with youIf you really want to know, that a guy has a deep indulgence in the relationship or not, then this is a thing that will help you make the clear frame of thought. If your guy manages to steals time to meet you and have a pleasurable moment with you, then go and fly in the sky because he is serious.

4) Discusses Past Meetings and Love Moments

romantic momentsGuys tend to be more practical in their relationship. Hence alike girls they are not always dipped in the ocean of love thoughts. But wait it is not true, if a boy is in love then you can clearly find it in his words. If your boyfriend eagerly discusses with you about the past moments and relives the best time with you, then he is definitely the boy of your dreams.

5) Discusses Each and Everything with You

discussing happy momentsAlike girls, boys are not chatter boxes, they like to keep their words short and precise. Hence they don’t open up with everyone so easily. But if they find their partner they will tell her each and every thing about their life. If a guy is like an open book for you and you are aware about each and every thing about him then you are moving right.

6) Plans Trips and Meeting Every time

trips togetherThis is the greatest sign of love that the lover always wants to meet each other. If your guy always makes plans and fixes meeting with you, then it is just enough for you to know that he is serious for you and about the relationship as well. It’s because he always wants to spend time with you.

7) Has Keen Interest about Your Whereabouts

caring boyfriendYou have a guy who always inquires about you, and is keen to know what you are doing. He wants to know about your family, friends, and in fact about your collage and workplace as well. This is not because he is spying, but wants to know that everything is going on fine with you or not. And in case you fell ill, he will be the first one, to stay closer to you till the time you recover completely.

Reading the mind of a person is not an easy task, but with few gestures and activities you can know what is crawling around his head. If you seriously own someone’s heart then these seven things are just enough for you to know that your heart is at the right place. So, go with this reality check and if your guy passes in all then cheers for your relationship as your heart is in the possession of safe hands.

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